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2015 Unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage Port, Quinta do Infantado

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2015 Unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage Port, Quinta do Infantado: Single Estate Production: Quinta do Infantado's Unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Port is likely crafted from grapes grown exclusively on the estate's own vineyards in the renowned Douro Valley. This emphasizes the estate's commitment to showcasing the unique terroir of its vineyard. Late Bottled Vintage Style: As an LBV Port, this wine is made from grapes harvested in a single vintage and bottled later than traditional Vintage Ports. LBVs aim to capture the essence of a specific vintage while offering a more accessible and ready-to-drink style. Unfiltered Character: The "unfiltered" designation suggests that the Port has not undergone the typical filtration process before bottling. This approach helps retain more of the wine's natural flavors, as some elements that contribute to complexity might be removed during filtration. Extended Barrel Aging: LBV Ports, including this 2015 release, often undergo extended aging in barrels before bottling. This prolonged maturation allows the wine to develop additional layers of complexity, contributing to a more nuanced flavor profile. Vintage Expression: The 2015 vintage conditions, including weather patterns and grape characteristics, would have a significant impact on the flavor profile of this LBV Port. It reflects the unique attributes of that specific growing season. Decanting Recommendation: Being unfiltered, this LBV Port may benefit from decanting before serving. Decanting helps separate any sediment that may have formed in the bottle and allows the wine to breathe, enhancing its aromas and flavors. Rich and Full-Bodied: LBV Ports often exhibit a rich and full-bodied nature, with a velvety texture on the palate. Extended barrel aging contributes to a rounded and well-developed wine that is approachable in its youth. Flavor Profile: The flavor profile is likely to showcase dark fruit characteristics, such as blackberry, plum, and possibly cherry. Additional notes of chocolate, spice, and subtle oak influences may contribute to the wine's complexity. Versatility in Pairing: LBV Ports are versatile when it comes to food pairings. The richness and sweetness of this style make it suitable for a range of desserts, including chocolate-based ones. It can also pair well with cheeses and some savory dishes. Quinta do Infantado's Winemaking Philosophy: Quinta do Infantado, known for its traditional winemaking practices, may apply an artisanal approach to crafting this LBV Port. The estate's commitment to quality and respect for tradition could be reflected in the wine. Limited Production: Smaller producers like Quinta do Infantado often prioritize quality over quantity. The limited production of this Unfiltered LBV Port adds an element of exclusivity to the wine. Terroir Influence: The Douro Valley's specific soil, climate, and altitude contribute to the distinctive terroir influence in the grapes used for this Port. The wine reflects the unique characteristics of Quinta do Infantado's vineyards. Historical Significance: Port wines, with their long history, carry cultural and historical significance. Quinta do Infantado's Unfiltered LBV Port contributes to this legacy while embodying the nuances of the 2015 vintage. Balancing Tradition and Innovation: Quinta do Infantado often strikes a balance between traditional winemaking methods and innovative approaches. This balance may result in wines that honor the region's heritage while embracing modern techniques.
2015 Unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage Port, Quinta do Infantado
2015 Unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage Port, Quinta do Infantado
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