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Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme 45% Vol. 0,7l

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As the popular alcoholic national drink of Turkey, raki cannot be missing from Turkish celebrations, be it a cosy meal with friends at home, a big party or an evening in a restaurant. Raki has been made in Anatolia from aniseed, white granulated sugar and soft spring water for about 300 years. The name "Uzun Demleme" is Turkish and means "long distilled" in English. The distillation is carried out five times and takes a total of 72 hours. This process gives the Yeni Raki its mild and soft taste. Tasting notes:The taste of raki depends mainly on the quality of the grapes used and the anise. Since aniseed dissolves completely in the alcohol, it is invisible in the raki but can still be clearly smelled and tasted. The fivefold distilled Yeni Raki is very mild and soft in taste. The white turbidity - which has also earned the raki the name lion's milk - arises when raki water is added.
Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme 45% Vol. 0,7l
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