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Crystal Head Vodka 40% Vol. 3l in Giftbox

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Crystal Head Vodka is a memento of a controversial archaeological mystery. 13 crystal heads were found in different regions around the world. They are between 5,000 and 35,000 years old. They were probably cut from solid quartz stone over a period of several hundred years. However, according to engineers at Hewlett Packard, they do not show any tool marks, so it is not possible to determine exactly how they were actually made. About the skulls it is said that they promise their owner spiritual power and enlightenment. Thus they are not symbols for death, but rather symbols for life. Dan Aykroyd is a very well-known actor, musician, entrepreneur and spiritualist; he believes in what he calls the "invisible world". In this world, apparitions from the afterlife are a "form of reality that is as valid as our normal reality." His partner, John Alexander, is a veteran artist whose work has been in countless exhibitions around the world. Both are passionately interested in the legend of the 13 crystal skulls. From this common passion an idea was born. Awards: - Double gold medal at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco (Crystal Head received the highest award in the category "Vodka")Tasting notes:Colour: crystal clear. Nose: neutral, cereal aromas, hints of citrus Taste: Silky soft, slightly sweet, vanilla. Finish: Long lasting, creamy, sweet.
Crystal Head Vodka 40% Vol. 3l in Giftbox
Crystal Head Vodka 40% Vol. 3l in Giftbox
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