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Bijito Sake nihonshu Junmai Ginjo 14,5% Vol. 0,72l

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The success of the Kizakura Brewery is mainly based on the quality of the rice and water used; these are the most important factors in the production of sake.
Furthermore, the brewery combines traditional and modern methods of sake/alcoholic beverage production.

Nihonshu' is a composition of 'Nihon' (Japan) and 'shu' (alcoholic drink) and stands especially for the Japanese rice spirit.
The sake known to us Europeans generally stands for all alcoholic beverages in Japan and requires a more detailed specification in the Japanese area.

The Bijito is a Nihonshu Ginjo, which is produced exclusively in Japan. Junmai means 'pure rice', the addition 'Ginjô' stands for a more valuable sake of the middle premium level.
A result of the fermentation of rice, water, yeast and Kôji (a natural enzyme that enables the conversion of starch into sugar).
This Nihonshu is made from Koshi Hikari rice grains. If the prescribed minimum polishing rate of the rice kernels is 60%, then at least 40% of the outer rice grain must be polished away.

Tasting notes:

Color: Clear.
Nose: fresh, fruity, floral, notes of grapes, plums, minerals, hints of seaweed.
Taste: Rich, mineral, fruity plum, notes of rice powder, spices, coriander.
Finish: Long lasting, rounded.
Bijito Sake nihonshu Junmai Ginjo 14,5% Vol. 0,72l
Bijito Sake nihonshu Junmai Ginjo 14,5% Vol. 0,72l
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