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2017 McLaren Vale Grenache/Shiraz/Touriga, S.C. Pannell

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S.C. Pannell Winery: S.C. Pannell, or Stephen Pannell, is a highly regarded winemaker in Australia known for his expertise and innovative approach to winemaking. He comes from a winemaking family and has worked at various top wineries around the world. McLaren Vale Region: McLaren Vale is a renowned wine region in South Australia, known for producing high-quality red wines, especially Shiraz and Grenache. The region's Mediterranean climate and diverse soil types contribute to the unique character of its wines. Grenache Shiraz Touriga Blend: This wine is a blend of three grape varieties: Grenache, Shiraz (Syrah), and Touriga. Grenache contributes red fruit flavors, Shiraz adds depth and spice, and Touriga, a Portuguese variety, can bring additional complexity and structure. 2017 Vintage: The 2017 vintage in McLaren Vale and other Australian wine regions had favorable conditions, resulting in wines with good ripeness and balance. Vintage variations can impact the flavor profile and aging potential of the wine. Grenache Grape: Grenache is a red grape variety known for its versatility and ability to thrive in warm climates. It often imparts red fruit flavors, subtle spiciness, and a silky texture to the wine. Shiraz (Syrah) Grape: Shiraz is one of Australia's flagship grape varieties, known for producing bold, full-bodied red wines. It contributes dark fruit flavors, pepper, and structure to the blend. Touriga Grape: Touriga is a Portuguese grape variety commonly used in the production of Port wines. Its inclusion in the blend can add floral and herbal notes, as well as depth and complexity. Winemaking Philosophy: S.C. Pannell is known for his hands-on winemaking approach, emphasizing minimal intervention to allow the expression of the fruit and terroir. Old Vineyards: Some McLaren Vale vineyards, including those used by S.C. Pannell, feature old, gnarly vines that can produce wines with depth and concentration. Food Pairing: Red wine blends like Grenache Shiraz Touriga are versatile with food. They can pair well with a variety of dishes, including grilled meats, hearty stews, and Mediterranean cuisine. Awards and Recognition: S.C. Pannell wines, including blends, have received numerous awards and accolades for their quality and craftsmanship.
2017 McLaren Vale Grenache/Shiraz/Touriga, S.C. Pannell
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