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2017 Barolo `Parafada`, Massolino

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Barolo: Barolo is a renowned red wine from the Piedmont region of Italy, predominantly crafted from the Nebbiolo grape variety. It is celebrated for its complexity, high acidity, and potential for extended aging, often referred to as the "King of Wines." Parafada Vineyard: Parafada is a prestigious vineyard in Barolo known for producing high-quality Nebbiolo grapes. The unique characteristics of the Parafada vineyard, such as soil composition and microclimate, contribute to the distinctive qualities of wines made from its grapes. Massolino: Massolino is a family-owned winery located in Serralunga d'Alba, one of the communes in the Barolo wine region. The Massolino estate has a history dating back to the late 19th century and is recognized for its commitment to crafting classic and age-worthy Barolo wines. Serralunga d'Alba: Serralunga d'Alba is one of the communes in the Barolo wine region, known for producing wines with structure and longevity. Different communes contribute to the diversity of styles within the Barolo region. 2017 Vintage: The 2017 vintage in Barolo and other wine regions in Italy was generally considered very good, marked by favorable weather conditions. Wines from this vintage are expected to display good ripeness, structure, and aging potential. Nebbiolo Grape: Nebbiolo is the primary grape variety used in Barolo wines, including Parafada from Massolino. Nebbiolo wines often showcase flavors of red fruit, roses, tar, and earth, with a characteristic high acidity and robust tannins. Single-Vineyard Expression: Massolino is known for its emphasis on single-vineyard expressions, allowing the unique qualities of each vineyard to be expressed in the wines. Barolo Parafada is likely crafted to reflect the specific attributes of this particular vineyard site. Traditional Winemaking: Massolino adheres to traditional winemaking methods, including extended maceration and aging in large oak casks. The winery combines tradition with modern techniques to produce wines that balance the terroir of the region. Age-Worthy Wines: Barolo wines, especially those from esteemed vineyards like Parafada, are known for their aging potential. They can evolve in complexity over several decades.
2017 Barolo `Parafada`, Massolino
2017 Barolo `Parafada`, Massolino
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