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2016 `Balasto`, Bodega Garzón Balasto

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Bodega Garzón: Bodega Garzón is a modern and innovative winery located in Uruguay, in the region of Maldonado. The winery is known for its commitment to sustainability and the use of cutting-edge technology in winemaking. Balasto: Balasto is a flagship wine produced by Bodega Garzón. The name "Balasto" refers to the ballast stones traditionally used in railroad construction. In this context, it might symbolize the strength and foundation of the wine. Uruguayan Wine: Uruguay, though a smaller wine-producing country compared to its South American neighbors like Argentina and Chile, has been gaining recognition for its high-quality wines. Tannat, a red grape variety, is one of the signature grapes of Uruguay. 2016 Vintage: The 2016 vintage is known for producing high-quality wines globally. It was marked by favorable weather conditions in various wine regions. Tannat Grape: Tannat is a red grape variety that has found a home in Uruguay. It is known for producing wines with robust tannins, deep color, and flavors of dark fruits. Winemakers often use different winemaking techniques to tame Tannat's tannins and highlight its rich, fruity character. Garzón Terroir: Bodega Garzón's vineyards benefit from a diverse terroir, including different soil types and microclimates. The unique terroir can impart specific characteristics to the wines, contributing to their complexity. Aging and Oak Treatment: Premium wines like Balasto often undergo extended aging, sometimes in new oak barrels. Oak aging can add layers of complexity, introduce notes of vanilla and spice, and contribute to the wine's overall structure. Critical Acclaim: Balasto and other wines from Bodega Garzón have received recognition from wine critics and competitions for their quality and expression of terroir.
2016 `Balasto`, Bodega Garzón Balasto
2016 `Balasto`, Bodega Garzón Balasto
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