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2015 `Vigna Covà` Lessona Riserva DOC, Proprietà Sperino

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Proprietà Sperino: Location: Proprietà Sperino is located in the Piedmont region of Italy, known for producing some of the country's most renowned wines. The estate is situated in the Lessona area, which is recognized for its distinctive terroir. Historical Roots: The Sperino estate has historical significance, dating back to the 19th century. The current revival of the estate is a collaborative effort by the De Marchi family, known for their winemaking expertise, to restore and elevate the legacy of Sperino wines. Revitalization: The estate has undergone a process of revitalization, focusing on preserving the traditional winemaking methods of the region while incorporating modern techniques. This commitment to heritage contributes to the authenticity of the wines. "Vigna Covà" Lessona Riserva DOC: Lessona DOC: Lessona is a small appellation within the Piedmont region, known for producing high-quality red wines. The DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) designation indicates adherence to specific production regulations and quality standards. Vigna Covà: "Vigna Covà" refers to a specific vineyard or plot within the estate. Single-vineyard wines often showcase the unique characteristics of the terroir where the grapes are grown. Lessona Riserva: The term "Riserva" indicates that this wine has undergone additional aging compared to the standard requirements for the appellation. Riserva wines are often released after extended maturation to enhance complexity and aging potential. 2015 Vintage: The choice of the 2015 vintage indicates the year in which the grapes were harvested. The 2015 vintage in Piedmont was generally regarded as excellent, with favorable weather conditions contributing to the quality of the wines. Nebbiolo Grape: Lessona wines are typically crafted from Nebbiolo, a noble grape variety that is also the star of other prestigious Piedmontese wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. Nebbiolo wines are known for their elegance, structure, and aging potential. Traditional Winemaking: Sperino is committed to traditional winemaking methods. This may include extended maceration, fermentation in large oak vessels, and aging in traditional oak barrels to capture the essence of the terroir. Tasting Notes: Specific tasting notes for the 2015 "Vigna Covà" Lessona Riserva would provide insights into the wine's aroma, flavor profile, structure, and overall characteristics. These notes are often provided by wine critics or experienced tasters. Limited Production: Premium wines from single vineyards, especially those designated as Riserva, are often produced in limited quantities, contributing to their exclusivity. Food Pairing: Nebbiolo-based wines, such as this Lessona Riserva, are well-suited to pair with traditional Piedmontese dishes like braised meats, truffle-infused dishes, and aged cheeses.
2015 `Vigna Covà` Lessona Riserva DOC, Proprietà Sperino
2015 `Vigna Covà` Lessona Riserva DOC, Proprietà Sperino
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