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2015 Petit Verdot Vinho Regional Alentejano, Azamor

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Azamor Winery: Azamor is a well-known winery located in the Alentejo region of Portugal. The estate is recognized for producing a range of wines that showcase the diverse terroir of the region. Vinho Regional Alentejano: The wine is classified as Vinho Regional Alentejano, which is a broader regional designation in Portugal. Alentejo is known for its warm climate and diverse soils, providing an ideal environment for grape growing. Petit Verdot Grape: Petit Verdot is a red grape variety originating from Bordeaux, France. While it is traditionally a blending grape, some regions, including Alentejo, produce varietal wines from Petit Verdot. It is known for its deep color, intense flavors, and firm tannins. 2015 Vintage: The vintage year, 2015, indicates when the grapes were harvested. In many wine regions, including Alentejo, the 2015 vintage is often associated with favorable weather conditions, contributing to the overall quality of the wines. Alentejo Terroir: Alentejo is characterized by vast plains, hot summers, and cool nights. The region's terroir influences the grape ripening process, resulting in wines with ripe fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and smooth tannins. Single Varietal Expression: The decision to produce a Petit Verdot varietal wine suggests a focus on showcasing the unique characteristics of this grape variety. Petit Verdot wines are often bold and structured. Winemaking Techniques: The winemaking techniques employed by Azamor can significantly influence the style of the wine. This may include fermentation and aging in stainless steel or oak barrels, as well as the duration of barrel aging. Aging Potential: Wines made from Petit Verdot, especially those with good structure and tannins, can have aging potential. The 2015 vintage, if well-structured, may continue to develop in the bottle over the years. Food Pairing: Petit Verdot wines often pair well with hearty dishes. The wine's structure and intensity make it suitable for pairing with grilled meats, lamb, game, and other flavorful dishes. Portuguese Wine Diversity: Portugal, and Alentejo in particular, is gaining recognition for its diverse and high-quality wine production. The country is known for its indigenous grape varieties as well as international varieties like Petit Verdot.
2015 Petit Verdot Vinho Regional Alentejano, Azamor
2015 Petit Verdot Vinho Regional Alentejano, Azamor
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