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2012 Vinsobres `Les Hauts de Julien`, Famille Perrin ‘Les Sélections Parcellaires’

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Famille Perrin: The Perrin family is renowned in the Rhône Valley and is associated with the highly esteemed Château de Beaucastel. They are known for their expertise in producing wines in various appellations throughout the region. Vinsobres Appellation: Vinsobres is an appellation located in the southern Rhône Valley of France. It gained Cru status in 2006, signifying its recognition for producing high-quality wines. Vinsobres wines often showcase a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. Les Sélections Parcellaires: This range from Famille Perrin focuses on showcasing the distinctive qualities of specific vineyard parcels. "Les Hauts de Julien" is one of these selections, highlighting the terroir of Vinsobres. Grenache and Syrah Blend: Rhône Valley wines, including those from Vinsobres, often feature a blend of Grenache and Syrah. The combination of these grape varieties can result in wines with both fruity and spicy characteristics. Vintage 2012: The 2012 vintage in the Rhône Valley was generally favorable, characterized by good weather conditions during the growing season. Wines from this vintage may exhibit a balance of ripeness and freshness. Single Vineyard Focus: "Les Hauts de Julien" emphasizes the concept of terroir and single vineyard expression. This approach allows wine enthusiasts to explore the unique characteristics imparted by the specific vineyard site. Estate Vineyards: Famille Perrin likely sources grapes for this wine from their estate vineyards in Vinsobres. The estate's commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices may contribute to the overall quality of the grapes. Hand Harvesting: Premium winemakers often practice hand harvesting to ensure the careful selection of grapes. Hand harvesting is a labor-intensive process that allows for the preservation of grape integrity. Winemaking Techniques: The winemaking process at Famille Perrin typically involves traditional methods, including fermentation in stainless steel or concrete vats, and aging in a combination of oak barrels and tanks. Aging Potential: Wines from the Les Sélections Parcellaires range, designed to showcase specific terroirs, often have good aging potential. The 2012 "Les Hauts de Julien" may have evolved over time, developing complexity and tertiary flavors. Food Pairing: Rhône Valley wines, especially those from Vinsobres, are versatile with food. The 2012 "Les Hauts de Julien" could pair well with grilled meats, lamb, or hearty Mediterranean dishes. Critical Acclaim: Wines from Famille Perrin are often well-received by critics. Reviews and ratings for the 2012 "Les Hauts de Julien" can provide insights into the wine's quality and characteristics.
2012 Vinsobres `Les Hauts de Julien`, Famille Perrin ‘Les Sélections Parcellaires’
2012 Vinsobres `Les Hauts de Julien`, Famille Perrin ‘Les Sélections Parcellaires’
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